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In the Asia Pacific region, the price trend of phosphorus pentoxide initially rose due to increased industrial activity following China’s removal of its zero-covid policy. However, this upswing was short-lived, as falling feedstock material costs and sluggish industry performance in the first quarter caused a significant decline.

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The second quarter continued the downward trajectory due to excess inventory and limited new orders from downstream industries, compounded by a contracting manufacturing sector amid a global recession.

In Europe, economic decline and poor downstream industry performance led to reduced export rates, though the agricultural and fertilizer sectors provided some stability. In North America, a lack of progress in the fertilizer industry and reduced demand, alongside global economic challenges, further dampened phosphorus pentoxide prices.


Phosphorus pentoxide (P4O10) is a white, highly reactive chemical compound composed of four phosphorus atoms and ten oxygen atoms. It exists as a solid at room temperature and is used primarily as a powerful desiccant and dehydrating agent. It readily absorbs moisture from its surroundings and is extensively employed in various chemical processes to remove water, making it a valuable tool in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and metallurgy. It is highly corrosive and must be handled with care, as it reacts vigorously with water, releasing heat and forming phosphoric acid.

Key Details About the Phosphorus pentoxide Price Trend:

Procurement Resource does an in-depth analysis of the price trend to bring forth the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly information on Phosphorus pentoxide in its latest pricing dashboard. The detailed assessment deeply explores the facts about the product, price change over the weeks, months, and years, key players, industrial uses, and drivers propelling the market and price trends.

Each price record is linked to an easy-to-use graphing device dated back to 2014, which offers a series of functionalities; customization of price currencies and units and downloading of price information as Excel files that can be used offline.

The Phosphorus pentoxide Price chart, including India Phosphorus pentoxide price, USA Phosphorus pentoxide price, pricing database, and analysis can prove valuable for procurement managers, directors, and decision-makers to build up their strongly backed-up strategic insights to attain progress and profitability in the business.

Industrial Uses Impacting the Phosphorus pentoxide Price Trend:

The Phosphorus Pentoxide Price Trend has a significant impact on various industries due to its potent dehydrating properties. Phosphorus Pentoxide (P4O10) finds extensive use in the chemical industry for drying solvents, gases, and other substances. Its ability to efficiently remove water contributes to the production of anhydrous chemicals such as concentrated sulfuric acid. Moreover, in the pharmaceutical sector, Phosphorus Pentoxide plays a crucial role in drying and stabilizing moisture-sensitive compounds, thereby influencing Phosphorus Pentoxide Prices and Price Trend. It enables the creation of dry, stable pharmaceutical products. Analytical laboratories rely on Phosphorus Pentoxide as a desiccant to maintain moisture-free conditions for precise measurements. Furthermore, its application extends to organic synthesis, catalysis, and the synthesis of inorganic compounds, underscoring its significance across multiple industries and impacting the Phosphorus Pentoxide Price Index.

Key Players:

  • Tokyo Chemical Industry Co Ltd
  • Honeywell International Inc
  • Acros Organics
  • Hubei Rison Chemical Co Ltd
  • Changzhou Chuanlin Chemical Co Ltd
  • Prasol Chemical Ltd

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