What are character traits with examples?

What are character traits with examples?

What are character traits with examples?

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  • What are character traits with examples?
  • Characteristics of Personality 

What are character traits with examples?

What are character traits with examples:- Our character traits are how we act, think, and feel in life.

Someone with good character traits believes they should make good choices.

Characteristics of Personality 

  • Personality is unique and specific.
  • Personality is not static; it is dynamic.
  • Personality is the product of heredity and environment.
  • Personality includes all the behavioral patterns, i.e., cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.
  • Personality covers all the activities at the conscious, semi-conscious, and unconscious levels.
  • Learning and the acquisition of experiences help in the development of personalities.


It is the way we think and feel about someone or something.

Attitude is a feeling or way of thinking that affects how we act.

If I have a good attitude. I am more likely to do well.


Honesty means being fair and truthful.

We need to be fair to others in every situation.

Telling the truth is always better than lying, even when it is hard to do.


It is what we use when we keep trying to do something even when it is difficult.

Perseverance is what we need to use to learn any new skill.

After trying many times, my perseverance was rewarded when I finally learned how to ride a bike.


Trustworthiness is what we demonstrate when we prove that we can do what others need or ask us to do.

To be trustworthy, we need to do the right thing at the right time.

Because I am trustworthy. I am allowed to go by myself.


Its means being the person who caused something to happen.

Responsibility is a task that you must do.

There is a lot of responsibility associated with being a good student. I need to do my work. Follow the rules, and treat everyone with respect.


Fairness means doing what is right for everyone.

Everyone wants to be treated with fairness.

Respect is the feeling that someone or something is good, valuable, and important.

When we understand that someone or something is important. We treat the team well.


Citizenship is what we have when we are responsible members of a community.

Our community can be where we live, where we work, or anywhere we go.


Tolerance is being okay with feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from our own.

Living in a diverse community, we need to show tolerance for other people’s ideas.

It’s okay to not agree with what others do. We just need to get along.


Caring is caring for other people.

Brave:-  Strong

Superman is brave.

In the Lion King, Samba was brave when he came back to fit

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