What is a noun with examples

What is a noun with examples?

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What is a noun with examples?

What is a noun with examples:- Nouns are present everywhere in the world. Everything in the world has a name such as object, person’s name, place etc. A  noun is a word that names a person, place, animal. Thing etc. There are different types of noun for example:- Common Noun, Concreate noun, Proper noun, Countable noun etc.

Person: Radha, Neha, Neeta, Sham, Ram, etc.

Place: Chandigarh, city, Taj Mahal, etc.

Things: football, basketball, table, etc.

Animals: cat, elephants, rats  etc.

Types of Noun

What are common Nouns with examples?

Common nouns are not capitalized unless they are the first word of an expression or a title. An everyday term is a common noun. There are general names for nouns like person, place, animal, and thing.

For example:-

 The boy is smart.

Meena is a good girl

This city is beautiful.

Ram is reading an article on a mobile phone

Children are playing in the park.

What are proper Nouns with examples?

The term “proper noun” refers to a special the word for a noun. Proper noun terms all start with a capital letter.

For example:-

Ganga is holy rain.

The Taj Mahal is wonderful.

Chandigarh is a beautiful city.

India is a famous country in world.

What are Collective Nouns with examples?

Collective noun is a represents a collection of individuals, usually people, animals, or things. A collective noun can be defined as a word that is used to identify a group of individuals, things, or both.

For example,

A bundle of sticks.

A cloud of dust.

A staff of employees.

A tribe of natives.

A pack of wolves.

A chair of singers

A basket of fruits.

A caravan of gipsies.

A collective of coins

A bunch of bananas.

A bunch of maggrates

A troop of monkeys or soldiers

A flight of birds

A reel of film

A board of directors.

A crew of sailors

An anthology of poems.

A gang of thieves

A pride of loins

A jury of jungles

A patrol of police officers.

A forest of trees.

A school of whales or fish.

A haste of angles

A family of members.

A shower of rain.

What are Material Nouns with examples?

A material noun is a noun that refers to a material thing or substance. It is a name or substance. There are many objects made of different materials that we used in our daily lives, like wood, plastics, diamonds, gold, etc.

For example:-

The phone is constructed of metal and plastic.

It is made of cotton.

It is made of wood.

The bat is constructed from tree wood.

It is a product made of wool.

What are concrete nouns with examples?

A concrete noun is a type of noun we can touch Physically. It is the use of our five senses like(Touch, hearing). , sight, smell etc.

For example:-

Taste: Food, sweetness, saltiness, Noodles

See: Smile, sun, sunset, mountains

Hear: Thunder, voice, and noise.

Smell: Softness, Hardness

What are Abstract Nouns with examples?

Abstract nouns are the opposite of concrete nouns.In this type of noun People cannot see or touch them, but people can only think of or feel them. Abstract nouns are the names of ideas, feelings, experiences, qualities, experiences, and concepts.

For example:-

Feelings: Love, Hate, Sympathy, Happiness, Sadness,

Ideas: Faith, dream, culture, opinion, memory

Quality: Bravery, loyalty

What are Compound Nouns with examples?

A compound noun puts smaller words together to make one new and larger word.

For example:-

Moon+ night:- Moonight

Key+ hole:- Keyhole

Text+ book: – Textbook

Thunder+ storm:- Thunderstorm

Training+ room: Training room

Foot+ball:- Football

Bus+ stop: Busstop

Down+ stairs:-Downstairs

What are Countable Nouns with examples?

A countable noun can be counted.

For example:- Fruits, eggs, past events, burger, banana, carrot, tomato, sandwich, pen, pencil

What are Uncountable nouns with examples?

An uncountable is a type of noun we can count. things.

For example: stars, time, water, hair, cheese, tea, honey, sugar, fire, memory.

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